Sail La Vie

The best sailing experience of your life

Born in Lille, France, Captain Pascal Blotiau served for 3 years in the French navy.   After his service the love of sailing kept him afloat exploring the harbors of the North Channel on the coastlines of France and England.   He moved to the United States, earned his captain’s license through the USCG , and continued to sail on anything to which  he could attach a sail… even his son’s skateboard.   His experience on windsurfers, day sailors, and catamarans led him to teach sailing on the north shore of Long Island .   Pascal developed a special attachment for catamaran sailing, and spent years sailing the bay and ocean from Point Lookout on hobiecats, prindles, and nacra multihull catamarans.  He continues teaching on the South Shore, and includes the Hobie Wave catamarans:  an easy boat to rig and perfect for the beginning student